Summertime is here and by now you probably already have a little list of things you want to do or try this vibrant season and for the upcoming holidays. 

While the warmer weather is better for your personal health, it isn’t as good for your natural stone floors. This busy season usually results in a lot more damaging traffic, dirty messes, and a lot more UV rays that can stain or discolour your flooring.

The following tips will help you care for and keep your floors in good condition throughout this busy season. 

Start With Stone Floor Restoration

Regular maintenance is very important for keeping the natural stone in good condition. Stone floors endure a lot throughout the year and can become all scratched up and dull after some time. Instead of continuing to put wear and tear on floors that already have visible damage, you should get them restored and revived every few years. 

Call the help of a stone floor specialist like Stone Wiz to come and help you remove scratches, stains, fade spots, and dull patches on your floors. 

Professionals will first come and access the damages. They will check how deep scratches have become and inspect the condition of your floor topcoat. In some cases, the floors can be restored with just deep cleaning and buffing. But in extreme cases, the top epoxy layer of your floors might need to be stripped off to get rid of the scratches and discoloration. 

Once the floors have been stripped, they will once again be buffed, honed and any damages will be restored so your floors will look fresh and new again. 

Trim Pets’ Nails

Pets with long toenails can cause a lot of damage on stone floors with a polished or coated surface. Their nails create scratches all over that can make your floors look all worn down. It is important to regularly groom indoor pets and to especially focus on keeping those toenails trimmed short. 

Keep Hard Shoes off Your Floors

Shoes and stone floors just don’t mix. The best way to care for your stone floors is by teaching everyone to leave their shoes at the door. Those who are not keen on walking on socks or barefoot inside the home should keep a pair of soft shoes for indoor use. 

Lay Runner Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

Lay runner rugs in all high traffic areas like hallways and entryways because these are the areas that will quickly show signs of wear and tear. Bright coloured or tropical-themed runner rugs can also brighten up your home during the summertime. 

Clean Regularly

Loose sand particles on your floors will eventually scratch and damage the surface. To keep your floors in good condition, you should vacuum or sweep them daily. Bedroom floors should be washed once a week and kitchens or other popular rooms can be washed at least twice a week to keep these surfaces in good condition.

Great-looking floors start with great care. Contact Stone Wiz to come and help you restore your damaged floors early this summer and your floors will stay in great shape for the rest of the summer despite giving these surfaces minimal care.