A Proper Stone Floor Maintenance Guide

How often should you be washing or sweeping your natural stone floors? And when should you get these floors polished, buffed or re-coated? Stone floors are some of the floor types that require the least amount of maintenance. But even these floors require the right care at the right time to keep them in brilliant condition. In this stone floor maintenance guide, we take a closer look at when to do exactly what with your stone floors. Immediate Tasks Natural stone floors are pretty resilient against staining. But it is still best to clean up spills immediately, especially if your natural stone floors are uncoated. Some stone types like marble have a porous structure and will absorb oils that are spilled. These oils can stain the natural stone. Stone sealants will act as a protective barrier between your floor and the spill but these barriers can also [...]

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8 Types of Stone Floor Damage That Can Be Repaired

Natural stone floors are remarkably durable. These floors can stay in great condition through many decades. But even the toughest of floor types can eventually become worn down and damaged. Some damages to natural stone floors are just about impossible to repair. But a lot of stone floor damages can be fully restored. Here is a quick look at common stone floor damages that are very likely to be fully restored. 1. Scratch Marks Scratch marks are some of the most common damages on stone floors that have a polished surface. It can be pretty tough to get deep scratches out of natural stone. But most average scratch marks that are created by shoes, furniture, and pets can be successfully removed by buffing the surface or by refreshing the topcoat on these floors.  2. Stains Stone might seem tough but these surfaces are often quite porous. When [...]

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How Often Should Tile Grout Be Restored

Natural stone flooring is one of the best floor types to install at home because these natural materials are so beautiful and can stay in great shape for decades to come. But the grout lines between your durable floor tiles are a whole different story. Tile grouting is not nearly as tough as natural rock tiles and a lot more dirt and grime tend to collect in these grooves. Messy tile grout can make luxurious tile floors like marble or granite look worn down and unattractive no matter how much you wash and shine these floors.  In this guide, we are going to explore the different care and maintenance requirements for those messy grout lines between your floor tiles. What Is Tile Grout Tile grout is the cement filling you see between floor and wall tiles. This type of filling is found in all tiled floor types including [...]

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Why You Should Include Professional Stone Care in Your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

2022 is just around the corner and everyone is excited to see what the new year will bring. It is a lot of fun to draw up a couple of new years resolutions so you can improve yourself and work towards better health. It is also important to include a couple of home chores on your resolution list or your home will soon start to look run down and worn. One of the best things to add to your home care resolutions list is proper stone care from professionals. Hiring in a team of skilled experts to take good care of your floors offers you plenty of great benefits. Here is a quick look at the top reasons to include professional stone care on your list of things to do this year. Get Good Returns on Your Initial Investment Stone floors and walls are quite expensive compared [...]

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6 Great Care Tips to Protect Your Stone Floors This Summer

Summertime is here and by now you probably already have a little list of things you want to do or try this vibrant season and for the upcoming holidays.  While the warmer weather is better for your personal health, it isn’t as good for your natural stone floors. This busy season usually results in a lot more damaging traffic, dirty messes, and a lot more UV rays that can stain or discolour your flooring. The following tips will help you care for and keep your floors in good condition throughout this busy season.  Start With Stone Floor Restoration Regular maintenance is very important for keeping the natural stone in good condition. Stone floors endure a lot throughout the year and can become all scratched up and dull after some time. Instead of continuing to put wear and tear on floors that already have visible damage, you should [...]

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Six things you should never do to natural stone floors

Natural stone floors are the most desirable floor types in existence because they are associated with luxury, they are highly durable, and they are easy to keep clean compared to carpets or other floor types. Regular floor care and cleaning is essential for keeping these floors in good condition. There are, however, a few cleaning strategies that you should never try on your natural stone floors. Here is a quick look at some things that could permanently damage these tough floor types.   1. Never Use Bleach Bleach is an excellent disinfectant because it kills germs and bacteria on contact. It can also help remove stains from light surfaces. But this product should never be used on natural stone floors. This is because the powerful chemicals can dull the finish of your stone floors and it can affect or fade the natural colour of the stone. 2. Don’t [...]

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5 Benefits You Enjoy When You Outsource Stone Floor Cleaning

Natural stone floors are some of the best-looking and most sought-after floors in the world, but only if these floors are in good condition. Stone floors are some of the toughest and most durable flooring types in the world. But even these floors do eventually get worn down as time passes. Lots of traffic will eventually result in scratches on your beautiful floors. Constant sun exposure usually results in yellowed or faded areas where the UV rays are their most potent. And messes on the floor like acidic drinks or oily spills can discolour your stone or the coating on top of your stone floors.  Regular cleaning just doesn’t cut it when it comes to these floor issues. If you notice signs of wear on your floors then you should hire professionals because they offer you all the following benefits. Experience and Expertise It is pretty tempting [...]

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How to Safely Clean Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone floors like marble, granite, and travertine are some of the best-looking floors in existence. These floors are also a lot more durable compared to other flooring types. But natural stone floors can only stay in good shape if you take good care of them. Cleaning methods have the biggest impact on the way your floor tiles look and the durability of these tiles. It is important to use the right products and techniques so you don’t cause damage while trying to get your floors all sparkly.  Here is a quick guide to help you take good care of your stone floors when cleaning them. Avoid Extreme Polishing Machines Buffing and polishing your floors is a great way to get rid of scratches and to make them all shiny. But you should be very careful not to use just any machine. Some machines are too harsh [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Home Flooring In 2021

It is finally time to put all the hardships you had to endure in 2020 behind you and to look forward to all the new goals you want to achieve this year. Home upgrades are always a good resolution to add to your list because these goals ensure that your home stays beautiful and helps you maintain a high property value.  One area you might want to focus on this year is your stone flooring. After spending so much time at home, your floors had to endure a lot more wear and tear and probably look all dull, scratched, and faded. If you want to improve the way your stone floors look this year then you should pen down the following goals on your resolutions list for 2021. Vacuum More Often Sand and dust are some of the biggest culprits for scratches on beautiful polished stone floors. [...]

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The Benefits of Getting Your Marble Floors Restored

Marble flooring is some of the most luxurious flooring options there is. These flooring solutions are remarkably durable against heavy foot traffic. These flooring solutions are also beautiful thanks to the charm of natural stone. Another great thing about marble flooring is that these floors are ideal for combating the spread of disease because they can easily be disinfected. The only downside to these floors is that they can become scratched over time and the protective coating on these floors can start to fade or discolour after many long years of use. When to Restore Your Marble Flooring Marble flooring should be restored when you notice discolouring in the protective coating on the flooring or when lots of scratches start to make your flooring look unpleasant. These floors should also be restored if some of the tiles crack or chip.  How Is Marble Flooring Restored? The methods [...]

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