Stunning Truths About Stone Floor Polishing

Natural stone have been used to transform properties from dull to dazzling for centuries. These types of surfacing materials come in a magnitude of stone types in all different colours and natural patterns. Even though stone floor types can vary a lot, they all have one thing in common:  Smooth stone floors need to be carefully maintained and polished regularly.  Stone floor polishing can do a lot for the overall look of your floors and can benefit the natural stone in quite a few ways.  Let’s explore some of the most stunning truths about natural stone floor polishing. The Sealant Isn’t Responsible For The Shine On Stone Floors Some epoxy sealants can give your floors a bit more of a gleam, however, the dazzling shine of natural stone floors isn’t entirely attributed to the coating. When you apply these coatings over a rough rock, the rock will [...]

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Signs Your Marble Flooring May Need Restoration In 2024

Marble flooring is meant to make a statement. These charming floors are like no other floor type because they offer a sense of charm, luxury, and class with which very few can compete. The natural light tones of the floors are ideal for creating spaces with a light and airy feel while the smoothly polished surface offers a gleaming touch. These premium architectural materials can last a lifetime if they are properly cared for but they will need some maintenance and restoration over the years.  These floors require deep cleaning at least once a month and should regularly be polished to remove scratches or to restore their shine.  But when is a good time to get these restoration tasks done? You can simply look out for the following signs.  Dull Floors without Lustre A polished marble floor is supposed to create a beautiful gleaming shine and might [...]

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How To Take Good Care Of Your Caesarstone Countertops

If you are the proud owner of a Caesarstone countertop then you are truly lucky. This type of surface material probably has the least amount of maintenance requirement. This material is becoming increasingly popular in commercial and domestic buildings because they are so durable and easy to care for. With the right care, these countertops can easily last a lifetime. Let’s take a look at how to take good care of your Caesarstone surfaces. What is Caesarstone? Caesarstone isn’t a natural stone type. It is one of the first and most popular brands for quartz countertops. This company has been operational since 1987 and produces its quartz products from 93% quartz and 7% polyresin. The company offers a huge variety of quartz tops in virtually any colour and many look exactly like natural stone. There are also a number of other brands that manufacture quality quartz countertops [...]

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Why And How Often Should Limestone Floors And Countertops Be Sealed?

It is quite surprising that something as hard as a rock - in this case actual rock - can also be fragile and vulnerable. Stone products like tiles and countertops are beloved materials for surfaces that endure lots of wear and tear because these products are very hard and very durable. Many stone types, including limestone, can however be damaged if these materials are not properly sealed. If you want to keep your beautiful limestone floors and countertops properly protected then it is important to add a protective coating on top of them. But why should these surfaces be sealed and how often should you tend to this type of maintenance task? Let’s find out. Why Should Limestone Surfaces Be Sealed? Limestone is a type of carbonate sedimentary rock that mostly consists of calcite and aragonite. This type of rock has many different applications. The stone is [...]

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Ways To Keep Your Stone Floors As Eco-Friendly As Possible

Natural stone floors or stone tiles are some of the most eco-friendly flooring surfaces you can possibly have inside your home. This is mostly because these floors are made from all-natural stone materials that don’t contain any artificial or toxins. Old stone floors also don’t cause any pollution because the natural rock simply becomes part of nature again when it is discarded. The only things about stone floors that might, in some way, contribute to pollution or affect the environment are if the wrong care and maintenance routines are used on these floors. In this guide, we are going to discuss the best ways to keep your stone floors as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible so they won’t also have some negative impact on the environment. Use Your Floors For As Long As Possible Natural stone floors can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained. If [...]

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A Proper Stone Floor Maintenance Guide

How often should you be washing or sweeping your natural stone floors? And when should you get these floors polished, buffed or re-coated? Stone floors are some of the floor types that require the least amount of maintenance. But even these floors require the right care at the right time to keep them in brilliant condition. In this stone floor maintenance guide, we take a closer look at when to do exactly what with your stone floors. Immediate Tasks Natural stone floors are pretty resilient against staining. But it is still best to clean up spills immediately, especially if your natural stone floors are uncoated. Some stone types like marble have a porous structure and will absorb oils that are spilled. These oils can stain the natural stone. Stone sealants will act as a protective barrier between your floor and the spill but these barriers can also [...]

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8 Types of Stone Floor Damage That Can Be Repaired

Natural stone floors are remarkably durable. These floors can stay in great condition through many decades. But even the toughest of floor types can eventually become worn down and damaged. Some damages to natural stone floors are just about impossible to repair. But a lot of stone floor damages can be fully restored. Here is a quick look at common stone floor damages that are very likely to be fully restored. 1. Scratch Marks Scratch marks are some of the most common damages on stone floors that have a polished surface. It can be pretty tough to get deep scratches out of natural stone. But most average scratch marks that are created by shoes, furniture, and pets can be successfully removed by buffing the surface or by refreshing the topcoat on these floors.  2. Stains Stone might seem tough but these surfaces are often quite porous. When [...]

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How Often Should Tile Grout Be Restored

Natural stone flooring is one of the best floor types to install at home because these natural materials are so beautiful and can stay in great shape for decades to come. But the grout lines between your durable floor tiles are a whole different story. Tile grouting is not nearly as tough as natural rock tiles and a lot more dirt and grime tend to collect in these grooves. Messy tile grout can make luxurious tile floors like marble or granite look worn down and unattractive no matter how much you wash and shine these floors.  In this guide, we are going to explore the different care and maintenance requirements for those messy grout lines between your floor tiles. What Is Tile Grout Tile grout is the cement filling you see between floor and wall tiles. This type of filling is found in all tiled floor types including [...]

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6 Great Care Tips to Protect Your Stone Floors This Summer

Summertime is here and by now you probably already have a little list of things you want to do or try this vibrant season and for the upcoming holidays.  While the warmer weather is better for your personal health, it isn’t as good for your natural stone floors. This busy season usually results in a lot more damaging traffic, dirty messes, and a lot more UV rays that can stain or discolour your flooring. The following tips will help you care for and keep your floors in good condition throughout this busy season.  Start With Stone Floor Restoration Regular maintenance is very important for keeping the natural stone in good condition. Stone floors endure a lot throughout the year and can become all scratched up and dull after some time. Instead of continuing to put wear and tear on floors that already have visible damage, you should [...]

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Six things you should never do to natural stone floors

Natural stone floors are the most desirable floor types in existence because they are associated with luxury, they are highly durable, and they are easy to keep clean compared to carpets or other floor types. Regular floor care and cleaning is essential for keeping these floors in good condition. There are, however, a few cleaning strategies that you should never try on your natural stone floors. Here is a quick look at some things that could permanently damage these tough floor types.   1. Never Use Bleach Bleach is an excellent disinfectant because it kills germs and bacteria on contact. It can also help remove stains from light surfaces. But this product should never be used on natural stone floors. This is because the powerful chemicals can dull the finish of your stone floors and it can affect or fade the natural colour of the stone. 2. Don’t [...]

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