Six things you should never do to natural stone floors

Natural stone floors are the most desirable floor types in existence because they are associated with luxury, they are highly durable, and they are easy to keep clean compared to carpets or other floor types. Regular floor care and cleaning is essential for keeping these floors in good condition. There are, however, a few cleaning strategies that you should never try on your natural stone floors. Here is a quick look at some things that could permanently damage these tough floor types.   1. Never Use Bleach Bleach is an excellent disinfectant because it kills germs and bacteria on contact. It can also help remove stains from light surfaces. But this product should never be used on natural stone floors. This is because the powerful chemicals can dull the finish of your stone floors and it can affect or fade the natural colour of the stone. 2. Don’t [...]

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5 Benefits You Enjoy When You Outsource Stone Floor Cleaning

Natural stone floors are some of the best-looking and most sought-after floors in the world, but only if these floors are in good condition. Stone floors are some of the toughest and most durable flooring types in the world. But even these floors do eventually get worn down as time passes. Lots of traffic will eventually result in scratches on your beautiful floors. Constant sun exposure usually results in yellowed or faded areas where the UV rays are their most potent. And messes on the floor like acidic drinks or oily spills can discolour your stone or the coating on top of your stone floors.  Regular cleaning just doesn’t cut it when it comes to these floor issues. If you notice signs of wear on your floors then you should hire professionals because they offer you all the following benefits. Experience and Expertise It is pretty tempting [...]

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How to Safely Clean Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone floors like marble, granite, and travertine are some of the best-looking floors in existence. These floors are also a lot more durable compared to other flooring types. But natural stone floors can only stay in good shape if you take good care of them. Cleaning methods have the biggest impact on the way your floor tiles look and the durability of these tiles. It is important to use the right products and techniques so you don’t cause damage while trying to get your floors all sparkly.  Here is a quick guide to help you take good care of your stone floors when cleaning them. Avoid Extreme Polishing Machines Buffing and polishing your floors is a great way to get rid of scratches and to make them all shiny. But you should be very careful not to use just any machine. Some machines are too harsh [...]

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Main Causes of Discoloured Grout

It’s not uncommon for light-coloured grout to darken or brown over time. There are many causes of grout discolouration, including stains that remain after a rigorous DIY cleaning. There are preventative steps you can take to slow the rate of grout discolouration and breakdown, but most grout will eventually need some professional attention. Read below to learn about the main causes of grout discolouration, and what you can do to get your grout looking fresh and clean again! Why does grout change colour? To understand the main causes of grout discolouration, it’s important to know why grout changes colour. Grout, like most natural stone, is naturally porous. This allows dirt, grime, and water particles to absorb into the grout like a sponge. So, it’s more difficult to remove deeply settled stains from grout than it is to clean closed, hard surfaces. So what exactly is causing the [...]

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Causes of Grout Damage and How to Prevent It

Grout guards tiles and protects your space from excess moisture. Artistic tile features are enhanced by neat grout. The grout used in tile projects is arguably just as important as the tiles themselves. However, with time and regular wear and tear, grout tends to degrade. This crumbling can in turn damage the surrounding tiles. Learn what causes damage to your grout and the steps you can take to prevent it.  Causes of Grout Damage Basic grouts are naturally gritty and porous, so they need to be sealed effectively to prevent moisture infiltration. After a while, this seal can break down. Harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive tools can chip away at sealant and grout. Additionally, constant foot traffic coupled with age will surely cause grout damage.  Persistent moisture in and around your tiles, such as outdoor areas or showers, will also cause grout degradation due to excess moisture. [...]

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5 Major Benefits of Stone Tiled Floors

When it comes to the flooring in your home, there are lots of different options available to you these days. People have their own personal preferences with regard to the type of flooring they like and want in their homes, but you have to also take other factors into consideration in addition to your personal tastes. From carpet and vinyl to wood and laminate, you will find something to suit all tastes and needs when it comes to your floors. Another great option that can look superb in many rooms is stone tiled flooring, which has become a popular choice among those who are looking for style, elegance, and durability. With stone tiled flooring, you can look forward to a wide range of benefits, and we will look more closely at some of these throughout this article. Why Stone Tiles Are a Popular Choice Over recent years, [...]

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When to Restore Your Stone Floors

Both residential and commercial properties can have a wide range of different flooring types these days. This includes everything from wood and laminate through to vinyl, tiling, and carpeting. There are also buildings that have beautiful stone floors, which can include larger and period homes, hotels, and other homes and business premises. If you have stone floors in your building, you need to remember the importance of caring for them in order to maintain their beauty and appearance. Like other types of flooring, stone floors can sustain damage as well as become worn and lacklustre over time. So, if you want to continue reaping the rewards of this stunning style of flooring you need to remember that there may be times when you have to restore them. Some instance where you may need to restore these floors include the following. If it Is Scratched or Cracked [...]

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Why You Should Call a Professional For Stone Polishing

There are many who debate whether they should hire professional stone polishers or simply perform the polishing themselves. At the end of the day, choosing a professional stone polisher is best because they can help you to achieve the results you’re looking for with more efficiency. If you want to know about why you should hire a professional to perform your stone polishing needs, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading below! They Know What They’re Doing When it comes to polishing your stone, you need to have someone competent do so. DIY projects sound fun at the beginning, but they can open the door to a number of different problems in your home. When you hire professional services, you can count on them to polish your stone with experience to back them up. This is important because most of the time, DIY project lovers [...]

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Marble Vs. Limestone in Your Home

Your home should be the best it can be. Everyone wants to love in a space that they love and adore. In order to achieve, you’ll need to carefully choose which materials are placed in the home, especially when it comes to your flooring and surfaces. You’ll also need to take good care of your stone surfaces and make sure to hire reliable professionals to maintain their longevity. Some of the most viable options are marble and limestone, both of which will provide you with a luxurious look you’ll love. Below, you can read about their difference and similarities so that you can determine which one you want in your home. The Aesthetic Marble and limestone are often confused for each other; in fact, many people don’t know the difference at all. When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your natural stone, you’ll want to [...]

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What is Grout Restoration?

Grout is the cement fillings found in-between the tiles. This filling is one of the best ways to ensure your home is protected against external elements like water and grime and reinforce your structures for years to come. As it absorbs excess dirt, however, over time, it can start to make your tiling look rather unsightly. A bigger but relatively common issue is when moisture leads to mould developing in your grout.   The good news is, these problems can be combatted by professional stone and grout restoration experts. Yes, despite how unappealing it may look, in many cases, grout can be restored. Here is how. All About Grout Restoration Grout is useful because it prevents your home from being affected by water, pests, and grime. When you have grout that works, you don’t have to worry about the structure of your home rotting because of [...]

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