Grout guards tiles and protects your space from excess moisture. Artistic tile features are enhanced by neat grout. The grout used in tile projects is arguably just as important as the tiles themselves. However, with time and regular wear and tear, grout tends to degrade. This crumbling can in turn damage the surrounding tiles. Learn what causes damage to your grout and the steps you can take to prevent it. 

Causes of Grout Damage

Basic grouts are naturally gritty and porous, so they need to be sealed effectively to prevent moisture infiltration. After a while, this seal can break down. Harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive tools can chip away at sealant and grout. Additionally, constant foot traffic coupled with age will surely cause grout damage. 

Persistent moisture in and around your tiles, such as outdoor areas or showers, will also cause grout degradation due to excess moisture. This is particularly harmful because of the potential for mould and mildew growth. Moisture leaked inside of grout can cause it to dissolve, exposing the covered area to more moisture.

Preventing Grout Damage

Grout damage isn’t necessarily inevitable. You can take measures to limit your grout’s risk of degradation. Properly sealing your grout is the perfect first step. Spending time and money on a high-quality grout sealant will keep moisture out of the porous spaces. 

Contact the professionals at StoneWiz to ensure that a worthwhile coating is applied effectively. This process involves the removal of only the top layer of grout, then the application of grout coating. The grout coating option is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Outdoor and high traffic tiled areas should also be given extra attention and regular maintenance to remain intact. 

Replacing Old Grout With A Better Alternative

If your grout is in an exceptionally poor state, the StoneWiz team can remove the old grout and replace it with enhanced epoxy grout. This new grout is denser and less porous than traditional grout, making it more resistant to moisture infiltration. Excess dirt is blocked from settling inside the grout. Epoxy grout also prevents mould and mildew growth. Regrouting is more expensive and time-consuming than grout cleaning or recoating, however, the final product can save you money down the track. 

Stone and Grout Restoration in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

Clean, fresh grout will noticeably tie a room together. Damaged grout is not only aesthetically unappealing, but it can increase the risk of dangerous mould growth. Take the time to speak with the experts at StoneWiz to learn which grout maintenance program will be best for you! Check out their range grout restoration options to keep your grout happy and healthy. Understanding the causes of grout damage can help you save money and prevent unnecessary damage.