Grout Restoration

Grout is the cement fillings found in-between the tiles. They are found inbetween any tiled floor and walls areas such as bathrooms and lounges.
Grouts found in floors are sanded cement and have a darker appearance. Grouts in walls are normally white cement.

Over time, grouts are a source of major problem since they absorb dirt and moulds grow. This makes the whole place look dirty no matter how well the tiles are cleaned and also are a cause of health concerns.
They are more troublesome because they are very hard to remove once dirty and nearly impossible to maintain on a daily basis.

StoneWiz Australia has the solution to solve all grout related problems.
Both Grout Coating and Luxury Grouting stops dirt absorption and stops mould growth.
The choice between the two methods depends on the budget and quality of the finished look.

Grout Coating

Grout Coating is an economical solution to solving grout problems.
Only the surface of the damaged grout is removed and then a protective coating is applied.
This coating stops dirt absorption and mould growth. This alternative is also eco-friendly as non-toxic chemical are the main ingredient. It doesn’t require the removal of current grouts and thus reduces the time and mess required in a normal regrouting process.

Luxury ReGrouting

This is a epoxy grouting that replaces old grouts. Old grouts are completely removed and new epoxy grouts are inserted.
Epoxy grout is very hard and stops dirt absorption and mould growth.
Gold and silver flakes are mixed in the grout to make the appearance look beautiful giving it a luxurious finish.
This is a regrouting procedure and thus, requires a licensed tilers to remove old grouts completely and safely.