Marble floors are extremely luxurious; in fact, they’re probably one of the features that you can add to your home to make it the most beautiful and to add value to it. Marble is considerable low-maintenance; however, you should still be taking measure to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

One of the best ways to maintain your marble flooring is to polish it regularly, which we’ll discuss more below. You should also rinse your flooring as often as possible, and cover it with carpets.

Polishing and Sealants

If you’re going to have your marble flooring polished, you should make sure to have professionals polish them rather than doing it yourself. That’s because although a DIY project might cost you less, there’s plenty that can go wrong and if something does happen, you’ll have to call them anyway. 

This will end up costing you more money in the long run and if you don’t do the job properly, your insurance company might not cover you for damages. If you do decide to go through with the process on your own, make sure you consult your insurance company to find out if you’ll be protected.

When you hire professionals, though, you have to make sure to do your research. You should find people who have good references and people who have experience with marble floors. Since you don’t have to do the marble yourself, you’ll also be saving yourself time that you could be using to do something more productive.

Over time, marble loses much of its shine. The most effective way to prevent this is to have it sealed. Sealing is effective because usually, people will have their marble polished again when its shine begins to wade; however, having a good sealant will allow you to prevent polishing altogether.

If you only polish your flooring and you don’t apply a sealant, your flooring won’t last as long. If you have your flooring in an area that gets a lot of traffic, then this is especially important. 


You should probably avoid polishing your marble as much as possible; after all, it takes a lot of time and money that you might not have. By investing in carpets, you can protect your marble flooring.

This is especially true if you have pets. By using carpets at every entrance of your home, you can prevent dirt and grime from collecting on your floors. When pets come in and out of your home, they carry in anything that crossed their paws on the way to your door. 


Beyond this, covering your flooring with carpets will prevent your polish or sealant from getting scratched; thereby, preventing you from having to polish it often.

You should avoid using carpets in areas that have a lot of water because they can collect water over time, which comes with its own hazards. 

Basic Maintenance

When it comes to basic maintenance, you should make sure to clean your floors when you’re cleaning the rest of your home. Broom your marble whenever you can and when you wash it, make sure you don’t use too much water.


If you’re going to install marble floors or if you already have some and you’re wondering how to keep them clean, then you’ve come to the right place. Marble is pretty easy to maintain: all you have to do is put carpets where necessary and clean your flooring regularly. 

Otherwise, you need to keep up with your annual sealant and you need to polish your marble flooring whenever necessary. If you follow all of these steps, your floors should be in top condition at all times!