Natural stone floors like marble, granite, and travertine are some of the best-looking floors in existence. These floors are also a lot more durable compared to other flooring types. But natural stone floors can only stay in good shape if you take good care of them.

Cleaning methods have the biggest impact on the way your floor tiles look and the durability of these tiles. It is important to use the right products and techniques so you don’t cause damage while trying to get your floors all sparkly. 

Here is a quick guide to help you take good care of your stone floors when cleaning them.

Avoid Extreme Polishing Machines

Buffing and polishing your floors is a great way to get rid of scratches and to make them all shiny. But you should be very careful not to use just any machine. Some machines are too harsh and can end up stripping the protective coating from your tiles. Harsh machines can also cause scratches on your coating which can make your floors look very bad. It is best to leave machine polishing to the professionals. Stick to softer mops and products to buff and shine your floors.

Avoid Alkaline or Acidic Cleaning Products

Alkaline and acidic cleaning products can strip the protective shiny layer off your floors. Neutral cleaners are much safer for natural stone floors and can be just as effective for removing dirt and grime or for killing germs. Look for a cleaning product with a neutral pH of 7. Products with a pH below 7 are acidic and can eat away your floor sealant. Products with a pH above 7 are alkaline. These products are great for cleaning off grease and grime but they can leave a residue on your flooring that can damage your tiles. If you do use an alkaline product, you should be careful to rinse properly.

A Daily Cleaning Schedule Can Help

It is much better to clean your floors every day than once or twice a week. When you clean daily, you will avoid build-up on your floors. Without buildup, you won’t need to use alkaline or acidic products to get your floors clean. Daily cleaning can also keep your floors from getting stained by oils and can help you avoid scratches. 

You should sweep high-traffic areas every day so you can get rid of sand particles that might scratch your surface. A quick mop every day will also keep your floors nice and clean.

Consider a Microfiber Mop and Spray Bottle

Using a bucket of water with your mop to wash your floors is great for getting rid of stubborn dirt. But this method also causes your grout lines to become all messy and can cause water damage to your tiles. A mop and bucket can be good for cleaning off stubborn dirt like food pieces from your floors. 

The best way to clean your floor is by using a spray bottle and a flat mop with a microfiber pad. Fill your spray bottle with floor cleaner and spray the area you want to clean. Now take the dry microfiber mop and clean up the area. Keep cleaning piece by piece until your entire floor is clean. 

Microfiber mops are better suited for floor cleaning. The microfiber materials are soft and won’t scratch your floors. While you are washing your floors, these fibers will also polish your floors for a beautiful shine.

If your floors are stained, discoloured or look dull then you should hire a professional for cleaning. Experts from Stone Wiz can use leading buffing and polishing tools to get rid of these marks and they can polish your floors so they can shine.