Your home should be the best it can be. Everyone wants to love in a space that they love and adore. In order to achieve, you’ll need to carefully choose which materials are placed in the home, especially when it comes to your flooring and surfaces. You’ll also need to take good care of your stone surfaces and make sure to hire reliable professionals to maintain their longevity.

Some of the most viable options are marble and limestone, both of which will provide you with a luxurious look you’ll love. Below, you can read about their difference and similarities so that you can determine which one you want in your home.

The Aesthetic

Marble and limestone are often confused for each other; in fact, many people don’t know the difference at all. When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your natural stone, you’ll want to get with limestone if you’re looking for a material that comes in mute colours. Marble stone, however, can come in a large variety of colours, including: black, pink, white, blue, and more. When you use marble, you can expect to see veins and streaks every now and then, which is due to the presence of minerals in the stone.

Either option will require a level of maintenance and care in order to last. If you notice any visible signs of damage or wear and tear in your marble or limestone surfaces, or have really old stonework that is in need of restoration, contact the experts from Stonewiz. Our team will ensure your marble or limestone has the perfect finish at any age.


One of the reasons why these stones can be shaped so easily is that they are not considered to be hard materials. Compared to limestone, marble is affected by more heat beneath the Earth’s surface. For this reason, marble tends to be more compacted than limestone and as a result, is harder. If you’re going to go for a surface because of hardness, you may want to consider marble.

Their Uses

Which material you use will also depend on what you want to use it for. There are some rooms which are simply unsuitable each material. If you’re going to place limestone in your home, you’ll want to avoid putting it in the kitchen or bathroom; however, you can use it for wall panels and flooring in your entryway.

Since marble can be stained, you may want to avoid placing marble in the kitchen. If you do, make sure you talk to your professional team about having it sealed properly. You can use for countertops, furniture, bathroom flooring, fireplace surrounding, and hallway flooring.


If you’re going to place marble or limestone in your home, you want to make sure that you keep both materials away from acid. Now, when we say acid we’re not just talking about cleaning products that you can get at your local store. Acidic products can be simple products from the grocery store like limes and lemons. These can strip the sealing of your natural stone and can stain your flooring.


It’s hard to pinpoint the overall cost of your limestone and marble flooring. That’s because you can get these materials in a number of different colours and you can have them sealed or polished. Usually, it’s safe to say that limestone costs less than marble does; however, when you have it professionally sealed, limestone can end up costing more than marble. If you’re making decisions based on costs, you’ll want to explore your options and ask for a free quote.


Both limestone and marble are very handsome options for your home surfaces. If you want to know more about our services and how we can help you maintain your natural stone, contact Stone Wiz today! We’d love to hear all about your concerns and inquiries.