It is finally time to put all the hardships you had to endure in 2020 behind you and to look forward to all the new goals you want to achieve this year. Home upgrades are always a good resolution to add to your list because these goals ensure that your home stays beautiful and helps you maintain a high property value. 

One area you might want to focus on this year is your stone flooring. After spending so much time at home, your floors had to endure a lot more wear and tear and probably look all dull, scratched, and faded. If you want to improve the way your stone floors look this year then you should pen down the following goals on your resolutions list for 2021.

Vacuum More Often

Sand and dust are some of the biggest culprits for scratches on beautiful polished stone floors. When you step on these fine granules, they cut deep scars into the smooth polished surface of your flooring. By vacuuming your home more frequently, you reduce the number of loose dirt particles and dust in your home that could cause scratches.

Add Felt Pads to Furniture Legs

Another huge culprit is furniture pieces. When furniture pieces are dragged over the floor, they eventually cause a lot of scratches. Get some felt pads and stick these to the bottom of all furniture legs. This will reduce those loud scratching noises and they will protect your floors at the same time.

Place Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Get a few loose rugs and place them in the busiest parts of your home like in front of the sink, in doorways, and your hall. These rugs will act as a barrier between sharp pet toenails and hard shoes and will protect your floors from scratches. 

Target Stains Briskly

Don’t allow stains to sit on your floors for weeks before you tend to them. You should grab a brush with nylon bristles and use a non-abrasive scouring pad to scrub the surface to lighten dark stains on your stone floors coating.

Polish Your Floors More Often

Some cultured marble is manufactured with a sealed surface and does not require polish. But it is still a good idea to polish your floors from time to time. Ideally, your floors should be polished every 1 – 2 years to enhance the shine and to prevent stains.

Don’t Use Acids on Your Floors

It is important not to use acid or chemical cleaning products on your stone floors. Even DIY cleaning products like vinegar or lemon juice can cause damage to the natural stone or the coating. If you have been using a harsh chemical to clean your floors then you should stop immediately.

Don’t Scrub Your Floors

Scrubbing your floor can worsen your problem and can cause lots of deep scratches in your stone floor’s top coat. You should only use a soft bristle brush when you are scrubbing stubborn dirt from your floors.

Get Your Flooring Cultured

If you have raw natural stone floors then you should consider getting it cultured with an epoxy based top coat. These coatings act as a barrier between the stone and other objects so your natural stone floors will be protected from scratches and hard impacts. 

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Some damages like deep scratches or discolouring in your marble coating cannot be removed by over-the-counter cleaning and polishing products. If you are having a tough time nursing your marble floors back to health then you should give Stone Wiz a call. These professionals can buff out deep scratches or they can strip and replace the top coating of your floors. When Stone Wiz is done with your floors, they will look brand new again.