Marble is a spectacular natural stone and loved by many Australian’s due to its longevity, durability, appeal and elegance. If you have marble floors or benchtops in your home or business, then it creates a space of pure sophistication and makes any room look beautiful.  But if marble isn’t cared for properly, it can lose its appeal, shine and seem damaged and dull, which means it won’t have its luxurious appearance anymore. There are many things which can cause the marble to lose its shine, such as liquid spills, foot traffic, or using the wrong chemicals to clean it with. If this happens to you marble then over time, there is the potential for it to get scratched and lose its stunning look. If you have marble in your home or business, then we’re specialists in marble polishing, marble restoration and marble repair on all types of surfaces. Marble polishing is an essential part of caring for your marble floor and marble surfaces so they’ll continue to glow, look brand new and striking.

Melbourne Marble Polishers

We’re the Melbourne marble repair and restoration specialist team who delivers 5-star quality when caring for your surfaces. With an eye for detail and expertise in transforming stone surfaces to their original glory, our marble restorations will put the magic back into your stone surfaces.

We’re Melbourne experts in working with all surface types and every natural stone element,

  • Polished marble
  • Marble granite
  • Marble floor
  • Stone bench tops

So if you’re looking for stone cleaning and restoration specialists in Melbourne on all types of surfaces then contact us today.

Why Marble Needs Polishing

  • Gets rid of cracks, stains and dullness
  • Restores the stone to its original shining finish, so it looks brand new again
  • Maintains and preserves the marble to give it an extra layer of protection
  • Reduces dust and grime
  • Restores brightness into the area
  • Provides a finish which makes regular marble maintenance and cleaning easier
  • Reduces the amount of routine cleaning it needs so you’ll have more time in your day

The Melbourne Marble and Natural Stone Polishing Experts

Our team knows and understands all types of natural stone surfaces. But when it comes to marble polishing, this is a delicate and unique procedure which means it’s best left to qualified experts. We have all premium-quality equipment and extensive training and over 10 years of experience to take exceptional care of your stone surfaces.

Our team delivers outstanding care when polishing stone and with stone cleaning as well. Whether it’s marble granite, polished marble, bench tops or wear and tear cleaning and polishing of any stone, we take pride in or work.

Our restoration polishing and stone care team are trained and expertly qualified to take care of your stone surfaces using the best equipment, latest techniques and the highest quality technology. Which means we’ll leave your marble and natural stone surfaces looking their absolute best.

So call us if you’d like more information and to speak our stone specialists today.

Marble Restoration Melbourne

At StoneWiz Australia, our Melbourne team are also the marble and stone restoration Australia experts, and we’ll provide you with the best in stone care for your business or home.

Marble truly is a popular choice when it comes to using it in bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring in Melbourne homes. It’s classic and creates a beautiful appeal to any house. Marble is durable, easy to maintain and looks gorgeous. It’s no wonder the natural stone is so widely used throughout Melbourne homes.

In saying this, over time, you may still need stone restoration to ensure it’s maintaining its original shine and appeal. The stone restoration process is one which can get done only by professionals because there are special tools and equipment which is required to be able to restore the stone to its natural glory.

The stone restoration process is much like wet sanding where there’s an application of a cream or powder, but if there is considerable damage, then machines will need to get used. Much like skin, this process exfoliates the stone’s surface and then usually the stone will get repolished on top of this. The process can take a few days depending on the size of the surface but returning your stone back to its original glory is well worth the wait.

Not sure if you need stone restoration?

Here are signs to look out for,

Cracks or chips on the marble surface.

A small crack may not make a significant impact on the entire area of your marble, but larger ones can really reduce the look and feel of the stone and in the long run potentially decrease the value of your home. Marble is an adamant and durable stone. However, accidents can happen, which means a crack or chip in the marble and so the need for stone restoration. It’s also best not to leave crack or chips no matter how small they are because they can become larger over time, causing more damage to your marble.

Stains on the stone.

While marble surfaces get sealed to protect them, over time the sealant will wear down. Which means you’ll start to see liquids or stains which begin to be challenging to remove, but this doesn’t mean you need marble repairs just a simple restoration job to reseal the stone again.

The stone is appearing drab and dull.

Over time, marble can lose its shine which means it’s time to get it restored and back to looking glorious again. You can maintain your marble yourself using a stone cleaner, sponge, warm water and then a dry cloth to remove any dirt yourself. But sometimes it will need professional maintenance to ensure it’s stunning shine returns to appearing brand new.

For the best in stone restoration Australia, contact our friendly team today.

Marble Repair Melbourne

If you’re like most people, then you know that accidents can happen. Do you have cracks or chips in your marble? Or maybe etched in stains or dull patches? If so then our expert Melbourne team of marble and stone specialists can solve your marble problem with our specialised repairs. We have the highest quality tools and equipment to fix any issue with your marble.

Don’t leave your marble with damage, contact our expert team today and let us know the problem so we can return your marble to the original glorious and stunning surface it should be.

At StoneWiz Australia, you can rest assured that your marble and stone gets looked after using world-leading equipment and highly experienced professionals. And our team is enthusiastic about restoring all stone surfaces to bring the magical natural beauty back into them for all our clients.


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Since StoneWiz Australia started, we have always been focused on delivering our high quality service to all our clients – guaranteeing they get what they want. We not only want to make our clients happy with our service; we want to astound them with our designs and finishes. You will see our magic right in front of your eyes and witness the positive changes that will happen we will restore your stone floors. As leaders of stone restoration, you can experience the following from our team of experts:

  • Passionate provider of high quality stone restoration services
  • Tailored service based on your requests and desires.
  • World leading technology and machinery
  • Refined and precise methods that will deliver your results.
  • Maintenance programs designed to provide you with year-round perfect floors

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