Stone Restoration

Natural Stone Usage

Stones are most commonly used in luxury hotels, high rise CBD office buildings, and luxury houses.
Stones such as marble, limestone, caesar stone, terrazzo, and granite simbolises architectural beauty and wealth that cannot be portrayed by the cheaper tiles.
They are commonly used for luxury floor and wall finishes, tables, and kitchen benchtops.

StoneWiz Australia has indepth experience and lastest technology equipment to bring out the best luxury finish in all natural stone types.
Also we provide a tailored maintenance schedule to keep it looking 100 percent all the time according to condition and traffic requirements.

Stone Properties

The most common misconception about stones are “because stones are hard it doesn’t require maintenance once installed”.
This is simply wrong and as any owners of stone floors would know, stones quickly loose the beauty and value over time.
In fact, stones are porous which means they absorb moisture and liquids over time.

This is because stones have breathing holes that are required to keep its rich form, texture and colour. Disaster can strike when you spill wines, coffee, coke and don’t wipe them off quickly as with time the stone will absorb these liquids and change colour. Once absorbed, the stains cannot be removed by traditional cleaning method and chemicals. Also, the natural shine can be lost with dust and stone particles on the shoes soles that scratch the surface as you walk on them.
So, all in all, they are not so hard and they are not maintenance-free once installed.

Stones have similar properties that can be seen in human skins. They have breathing holes that need to be freed up to keep its natural beauty. And each stone is unique even if they are in the same category such as “Marble” or “Granite”
For stones to portray its natural beauty it must be taken care of as you would take care of your skin to keep it looking young and vibrant.
Stone properties need to be assessed along with the current condition of the stone and then proper solution must be found in accordance with the assessment.

Stone Maintenance

One way of stone maintenance technique popular in Australia is to seal them. Sealers are protective coating on top of the surface
However, the coating on top of the surface will block the breathing holes.
Over time, the stone will discolour and loose it’s beauty as a skin would when skin cancer develops.
Also, the coating itself gets scratched easily and have the “wrinkle” effect no matter how well the sealers are put on.

In the high quality properties around the world, sealers have been replaced by natural stone restoration technology 30 years ago.
This is because firstly, no matter how well sealers are applied they look artificial and “wrinkled” shine effect is the best it can produce.
Secondly, in terms of money, they seem to be a cheaper alternative to restoration at first but because the coating get damaged easily and needs more “fix ups” the yearly maintenance cost actually costs more. Overall, it doesn’t look good and it costs more to maintain and hence the shift in worldwide maintenance technology towards natural stone restoration.

StoneWiz Australia has provided latest technology and knowledge to 5 star hotels around Australia at an economical cost.
All types of natural stones can be treated and
NOW, you can experience 5 star hotel atmosphere in your office and home.

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