Natural stone have been used to transform properties from dull to dazzling for centuries. These types of surfacing materials come in a magnitude of stone types in all different colours and natural patterns. Even though stone floor types can vary a lot, they all have one thing in common:  Smooth stone floors need to be carefully maintained and polished regularly. 

Stone floor polishing can do a lot for the overall look of your floors and can benefit the natural stone in quite a few ways. 

Let’s explore some of the most stunning truths about natural stone floor polishing.

The Sealant Isn’t Responsible For The Shine On Stone Floors

Some epoxy sealants can give your floors a bit more of a gleam, however, the dazzling shine of natural stone floors isn’t entirely attributed to the coating. When you apply these coatings over a rough rock, the rock will be a bit shinier but it won’t produce that lustrous shine. Sealants will only protect the surface of your stone. The brilliant shine is a product of the smoothing, buffing, and polishing process.

Polishing Can Enhance The Natural Colours In Stone

When a stone floors are polished until they shine, the colours in the stone will become a lot more vibrant. This is because the smooth surface will reflect light better since there won’t be any microscopic bumps on the surface to deflect light. 

The Polishing Process Isn’t Messy

Unlike grinding and honing processes, the polishing process isn’t messy at all. The stone surface is already smoothed and the polishing process only buffs and shines the surface. In most cases, wet polishing processes are used. This type of wet polishing technique doesn’t cause any dust and can make the floor look even more visually striking or shiny.

High-Gloss Floors Can Be Toned Down

If you don’t like the mirror-like sheen of a high-gloss polished floor then you can always get the surface modified. The stone can be honed so it will look a lot more matte or you can get a matt top coat installed over the natural stone to dampen some of that shine.

Matte Stone Surfaces Can Be Polished

If your current floors have a matt finish, they can be buffed, honed, and polished until they shine like high gloss floors. This does, however, depend on the thickness of the floor tiles and the type of natural stone. If the tiles are too thin or if the surface is too rough, they won’t be suitable for polishing.

Gleaming Floors Can Still Be Slip-Resistant

Perfectly smooth glossy floors might be beautiful but they are also very slippery. Luckily, the safety of these floors can be enhanced by applying a non-slip top coat over the floor. These types of coatings are specially developed to enhance your traction so you won’t slip and fall when quickly making your way over the floor. 

It Is Not Only Floors That Can Be Polished

Stone polishing isn’t only suitable for floor surfaces. You can get other stone surfaces like stone wall tiles or countertops polished as well. These surfaces can look quite impressive and will give a clean-cut appearance when they are buffed and polished until they shine.

Get Your Floors Polished by Professionals

If you want to experience some of these dazzling truths about stone floors for yourself then we welcome you to give our experts at Stone Wiz a call. Our company specialises in stone restoration services in Melbourne and can help revive old stone floor surfaces or enhance the appearance of a floor that was never polished, to begin with.