Marble floors add elegance to any home or commercial building, there’s no doubt. That said, you need to take care of your marble if you want it to stay that way. There are significant side effects when you don’t restore or clean your marble flooring properly.

If you’re wondering how to restore and clean your marble floor, keep reading!


The first thing you should know about maintaining your marble floor is to keep up with your annual maintenance. Whichever company you choose to take care of your marble or to have it installed in the first place will likely suggest an annual maintenance check. 

When they visit every year, the company will determine whether you need to have your floors resealed or repolished.

Protecting Your Marble

If you want to protect your marble, there are a few precautions that you can take to keep it clean and undamaged. For one thing, you should consider adding some carpets in rooms that have marble flooring. In doing so, you and any pets will bring grime and dirt into your home, but it will be rubbed off on the carpets instead of your marble. 


Let’s talk about how you can keep your marble floors clean. One of the best things that you can do is to dust your floors often. This will remove particles that can scratch your floors or degrade them over time. 

If you decide to wash your flooring yourself, make sure you choose a mild detergent. That’s because repeatedly cleaning floors with a harsh detergent can cause your sealant or your finish to deteriorate. You can also buy stone soap, which is specialized for cleaning delicate stone.

For any spills that occur, make sure you clean them as quickly as possible. That’s because when you leave the messes alone, they can stain your marble over time. When this happens, you’ll have to call in a professional team to have your marble restored. 


One of the most important parts of the restoration process is sealing. There are a number of factors which you should consider if you’re going to restore your natural stone; among them, is the hardness and the density of your marble. 

Overall, your best option when it comes to applying your sealant to restore your marble is to call professionals, but there are ways in which you can do it yourself. Go to your local hardware store and have a clerk suggest the right sealant for your floor. From then, you should remove all of the objects and furniture from your floor. You can apply the sealant with a paint roller so that it’s spread evenly across your floor. 


Do you have marble floors? Are you wondering how you can keep them looking clean, or how you can restore them? The simple answer is to keep them clean just as you would normal flooring, but that you should only use mild cleaners on your floors.

If you think your marble is becoming scratched or yellowed, you should call your favourite professionals. You can apply a sealant on your own, though, by using paint rollers to coat the marble evenly. 

One thing’s for sure, though; you should definitely keep up with your annual maintenance checks to ensure that your marble stays its best.