Marble flooring is some of the most luxurious flooring options there is. These flooring solutions are remarkably durable against heavy foot traffic. These flooring solutions are also beautiful thanks to the charm of natural stone. Another great thing about marble flooring is that these floors are ideal for combating the spread of disease because they can easily be disinfected.

The only downside to these floors is that they can become scratched over time and the protective coating on these floors can start to fade or discolour after many long years of use.

When to Restore Your Marble Flooring

Marble flooring should be restored when you notice discolouring in the protective coating on the flooring or when lots of scratches start to make your flooring look unpleasant. These floors should also be restored if some of the tiles crack or chip. 

How Is Marble Flooring Restored?

The methods used for restoring marble flooring depend on the condition of your flooring. Chipped or cracked tiles usually need to be replaced. If the topcoat on your marble flooring is scratched or discoloured, this coat often needs to be honed off and your floors need to be treated with a fresh new coat. Scratches on natural marble flooring without any coating can be polished out and you can get a protective coating installed to brighten and smoothen the natural marble or to keep these floors beautiful in the future. 

The Benefits of Restoring Your Marble Flooring

It is much better to repair an old damaged marble floor than it is to replace these floors. Here is a quick look at the top benefits you get when you hire a professional to repair and restore the surface of these glorious floors.

Enhance the Look of Your Floors

After restoration, your marble flooring will look much better. Small scratches will be polished out and even deep scratches will look much better. Your marble stone’s natural colour will also be much more vivid and bright. These floors will be all shiny again without all of those visible damages.

Damages Will Be Repaired

Repair services will get all damages such as stains or scratches removed. Good marble restoration companies can even get broken, loose, or damaged tiles replaced. When all repairs are done, your damaged floors will look new.

You Will Save a Lot of Money

It is much more affordable to get your marble floors buffed, honed, and polished than it is to install a new flooring type. You can save a small fortune when you choose to restore instead of replacing it.

It Is Better For the Environment

Marble flooring can last a very long time. These natural stone materials are remarkably tough and durable. If you replace these floors, all of this marble will end up in landfills where they can cause pollution. To top it off, your new flooring will need to be harvested from the environment, and manufacturing new tiles also contribute to air and water pollution. Maintaining and restoring your flooring keeps the landfills empty, reduces the demand for natural resources, and reduces pollution.

Preserve the Value of Your Home

Marble is much more valuable compared to other flooring solutions. This is because these floors are more beautiful, they are more expensive and they are more durable. When you replace natural marble with some other artificial flooring product, you can reduce the overall value of your property despite investing more in your home. Preserving your marble flooring isn’t just more affordable, it also maintains your high property value.

Marble Restoration in Melbourne | Stone Wiz

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