Marble Polishing – The Basics

Everyone loves a touch of marble, but some people don’t realize that it has to be polished semi-regularly to keep it looking beautiful and elegant. If you don’t polish your marble, it will gradually succumb to wear, will lose its glossy finish, and can even develop stains over time.  Applying a marble polish isn’t hard, but it is time consuming (which is why some people avoid it). If you have a marble floor, or even if you’re looking to invest in one, then you should be concerned with its polishing needs. If you’re in this situation, then you’ve come to the right place.  Below, you can read all about polishing a marble surface and how to do it properly. The Professionals If you’re not completely confident in your ability to polish marble, then you can always call in professionals to get the job done. This is especially [...]

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Marble Floor Polishing – What You Need to Know Before You Start

Do you have a marble floor? Are you looking to have it polished, or to even polish it on your own? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. There is no doubt that marble floors bring a certain elegance to every home and business. That being said, there are some very common problems with owning a marble floor. These complications include staining, water rings, and a gradual loss of shine. If you want to prevent your floor from succomming to daily wear and tear, then you should consider polishing your marble floor. Below, you can read about everything you should know before you start to polish your marble. Tip #1: Invest in a carpet or rug If you want to save time polishing your marble, or if you want to reduce the frequency of polishing, then you should invest in a carpet or rug to [...]

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Why You Should Get Marble In Your Home

Marble is one of the most popular and in-demand materials on the market. You have probably seen it on all the home renovations shows, and heard that it’s amazing. But perhaps you don’t understand why. Marble comes in many forms, but countertops and floors are the most common. So, what's the big deal?  As experts in managing and restoring marble materials of all types, we know why people are always looking to get this stunning stone in their home. Keep reading to find out why you should be seeking to get marble in your home.  Marble Is Ridiculously Powerful  Known for its durability and strength, when you get marble, you get what you pay for. Resilient and tough, unless you are facing a powerful force, nothing will crack through it. A key reason on why people in Melbourne look to get this material in their homes when [...]

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